1984 Subaru GL Wagon


Oil pan and pump re-seal  130,780 miles

Just a bit of time and RTV   $0

A great time to do an oil change!


True to the nature of a Subaru, this one is a leaker.  Marking it's spot wherever it goes.

After cleaning things up and tracing leaks, I determined that the primary leak was coming from the oil pan seal.

Not surprising, seeing that the seal is nothing more than a cork gasket.

Cork gaskets are notorious for failing, especially is over-torqued.


So I pulled the pan and pump in hopes of sealing up at least some of the oil leakage.


Arrows show points of oil leakage across the pan seal. 

Ive read that this is one seal that the shop manual actually recommends coating with rtv before installation. 

This one was installed dry.

Gunk in the pan.  I assume from the previous motor work, including rebuild heads.

Pan seal cleaned well, including soaking in carb cleaner. 

It will be coated with RTV prior to reinstallation.

Oil pump out.

O-rings looks fine. Pump turns freely with no obvious play. 

This is a simple mechanical gear pump.

Unfortunately it looks like I have a weeping front main seal, NOT a leaky oil pump.  Oh well, another day.

Pump, filter, and pan reinstalled.   Ready for skid plate, then oil.